Compensation & Benefits

Those who have gone through this experience will tell you that nothing about surrogacy is easy.  It takes understanding, time and continuous commitment to help a family in need.

Our parents come from a variety of financial backgrounds.  While some are fortunate to have the ability to afford multiple journeys to grow their families, other parents have prepared and saved for years to get here.

When you decide to work with our agency, we review your specific situation and financial goals to create a personalized compensation package that both you and the parents you are matched with can feel great about.

As a first time surrogate with Family Makers, you can plan to receive $35,000 – $45,000 in base compensation and benefits, paid throughout your journey.  For unexpected situations that may arise during your journey, like a twin pregnancy or c-section, your compensation will be more.

Experienced Surrogates

Experienced Surrogates

While some surrogates feel that their compensation during their previous journeys met their needs, it may be appropriate to request a higher base compensation amount for future journeys. Intended Parents understand the possible benefits in matching with someone who has proven that they can responsibly administer medications, that their bodies have previously responded appropriately to hormone protocols, and that their surrogate thoroughly understands the surrogacy process.

In addition to offering a base compensation amount that you feel is appropriate, we hope to match any benefits you liked during your last journey, while making improvements to anything you didn’t care for. Match terms and compensation schedules are tailored and personalized whenever possible. On average, experienced surrogates with Family Makers receive $45,000 – $55,000 total in compensation and benefits.